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Best Friends and Beer Documentary Trailer

Merket Of Farms Music video

 Happy Hound Adventure Walk video

Military Funeral  Montage Pomegranate -  Productions 2016

Happy Hound Doggie Daycare Promo

                         Gray Day music video Film Slam

Film Slam 2018 Music Video

Ebeys Landing Music Video 

Bellevue Arts Musuem Lecture

Intro Motion Graphic Titles  for Documentary

Penlight Promo

Trailer for Bungalow Heaven - Preserving a Neighboorhood - Sound design by Randall Barnes  2015

Military Funeral Montage

Super 8 style Music video for Los Angeles band Artichoke for their Album Etchy Sketchy Skies for the song The Market Of Farms Pomegranate Productions. 2013

Gray Day Music Video _ Ebey's landing Promo music video song by Artichoke

Music video for TTown Productions, for band Ovenrake

Pomegranate Productions  2013 (Warning profane languague,explicit lyrics.)

Music Video for Seattle band Havablast about Technology

Pomegranate Films

Promo Video  for Pomegranate Productions 

Music video for Havablast Smoke and Mirrors

Pomegranate Films

Promo Sci Fi Las Vegas  for Havablast live show

Music video for Havablast Plastic Planet (Pollution, Global Warming)

Pomegranate Films

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