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 A B O U T

Whether you are looking to reach potential or current customers or  would like a very personal tribute for you and your family to share for many years to come, we would love to help you by creating a video that enables you to tell your unique story.

We can  make your video project engaging and entertaining so it will connect with your target audience.

We can also use ​your existing  videos, photos, and graphics or other media assets,

or we can help create a new direction for your visual marketing or personal video.

Husband and wife team Cammie Noel and Randy Barnes have been involved in film and video production for the past 2 decades. Cammie as an editor, videographer,  filmmaker and prop and scenic artist and Randall as a sound designer.

Randy holds a doctorate from Bournemouth University  in Sound Design and has also taught sound design at Azuza Pacific University in Azuza CA. He has done sound design work on many films, most recently the  documentary Bungalow Heaven- Preserving  A Neighborhood which has been shown at the Gamble House in Pasadena CA.


Cammie attended the Los Angeles City College cinema program, where she majored in Cinema focusing on music videos and music promos. Cammie is currently working on a feature documentary called 20 Dog Parks in 12 Days - One Woman's Journey and just finished another documentary Best Friends and Beer.



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